I love to travel but I don’t like to just sit on the beach, I enjoy working while I travel.  In the past, I’ve used my laptop but it just doesn’t work as well as my dual screen office setup.  I bought a handful of items on Amazon to find the best portable workstation and below is what I’ve found to be the best.  The travel monitor comes with a soft carrying case so I fit all of these items into the case besides the mouse.  Makes for extremely easy travel.  My laptop is a newest model 13″ Macbook, I will probably get the 15″ next time.  I am also a huge fan of the Apple Ear Pods while I work.

1) AOC Travel Monitor

This monitor is a game changer.  It plugs into your laptops USB drive allowing you to have a 2nd monitor for a dual monitor setup.  It is inexpensive, thin and lightweight and travels easily.

2) Anker Ergonomic Mouse

This is the best mouse ever.  I use this on my desktop and I also bought one for travel.  It is the most comfortable mouse I have ever used.

3) Artek Slim Portable Keyboard

Simple, small, backlit, and wireless keyboard.  Having a keyboard is nice so I am not crouching over on my laptop.

4) Anker USB to USB-C Hub

This is a simple USB drive that you will need for the AOC Travel Monitor if you are plugging it into a newer MacBook with no traditional USB drive.  I also leave my mouse USB and laptop USB plugged into this to make things easier.

5) Mouse Pad

I know, this sounds stupid but I didn’t have a travel mouse pad for years.  I finally spent the $6 and now I don’t scream and yell at my mouse for not working every 5 minutes.


If I am missing anything on this list, let me know!