Dear Enterprise, Avis, Budget,

Your long lines, slow service, bus rides to the rental lot, surge gas prices when I forget to fill my tank, $5 for a GPS that no one uses, and shitty insurance upsells are dead to me.

I recently went to Hawaii and being the tech nerd that I am, decided to try out Turo which you could call “The AIRBNB of rental cars”. Basically, a car sharing app.

Turo appDay 1) My girlfriend and I wanted to cruise around the great Island of Oahu so I wanted something fun to drive. I opened the app, found a nice convertible Porche, requested to book the ride, entered my credit card and texted the owner with a few questions. The next morning at 8 am, the owner showed up at my hotel with the car and dropped it off. After a fun 10 hour day around the island, we returned to the hotel and the owner came to pick up her car. $154.

turo app screenshotDay 2) We went to meet some friends Maui and were thrilled to use Turo again. This time, we picked up a 4 door, lifted, soft top Jeep Cherokee. The owner picked us up at the airport which was awesome, we dropped her off with a friend down the street and hit the road!
Upon return, we just left the car in the airport parking lot. $132.

Turo App can streamline the app a bit more and give better filtering options, but overall I felt it was a great experience and this will be my go to while traveling.