Grammarly Screenshot


It is no secret that I am horrible at grammar and spelling.  Being a millennial with no patience and A.D.D, I just type away as quickly as I possibly can then go back to fix the flood of red misspelled words before pressing the “Send” button.  Grammarly is a spell check on steroids that also catches my grammar mistakes.

Google Chrome Productivity Extension Boomerang screenshot


Hey John, Just wanted to make sure you received my email?
Boomerang will automatically notify you when someone doesn’t respond to your emails.  Just click the button on the email, tell the software when to ping you back if the contact doesn’t reply to your email. If I write you an email and you don’t respond, I notice and I will find you.

Rapportive in action


When I receive an email, Rapportive instantly pulls the sender’s social media profiles.  Most importantly, Linked in.  It is great to see a picture of who I am corresponding with, where they are located and what position they hold within their current company.  With a click, I can view their Facebook, and Twitter profiles.  This can be a really helpful tool for building rapport with a customer.

Lastpass Screenshot4.Last Pass

Nothing is more frustrating than waking up on Monday and trying to remember the password to 100 different websites.  Last pass not only remembers all of your passwords but it will also choose a highly secured password upon signing up for a new website.  You can also give co-workers and friends access to specific websites/accounts without giving them the actual password.  You just “share” your Last Pass account with them.