I started my company out of my garage with $400 at age 21 in a 4 bedroom house with 7 other roommates. I was making $14hr working as a line cook in La Jolla. I was a horrible student in high school and I only lasted a few classes in community college. If I can do this, you can do it. It takes ridiculously hard work, the ability to easily overcome any obstacles in your way and not take no for an answer. You have to learn to shut your mouth and get shit done. You have to train yourself to enjoy failure and embrace your weaknesses. You have to stop making excuses. You have to drop the ego and ignore the noise. You have to love people, love learning and be the most driven, hardworking person you know 🙂

The Idea
You just can’t seem to figure out a good idea? Stop the excuses. My 1st successful company was a printing company which is a horrible idea in a competitive industry. Its, not the idea that kills the business, it’s the execution. What are you passionate about? What pisses you off every day and you wish there was a better way? What do your friends buy? Start a design company, start a fitness company, start a meal prep company, start a consulting business.
You don’t have to be the best, you just have to be better than the competition that your customer is talking to.

Don’t quit your job
Everyone says, “I am going to quit my job and start a company”. Why? Don’t stop your guaranteed income. Just start your company on the side, take baby steps and start generating revenue and profit. Once you feel that your company is starting to stabilize with a strong growth potential and you’re earning more than your day job, that’s when you quit your job!

There has never been an easier time in history to start a company. Do these 4 things and start telling friends and family about your company and I guarantee sales will start rolling in.
1) NamePick a company name. Don’t over complicate this, you can always change it later. If you have cash laying around, I use www.NameExpress.com for $500 they will come up with several names for you. If not, just come up with a few names and ask friends or family on Facebook which name they like the best. Make sure the website isn’t taken.
2) Logo
– This is important but easy. I guarantee this will change later so don’t get too caught up. For $200-$500 you can get REALLY nice logos from www.99designs.com, They have multiple designers work on your project and have a money back guarantee. If you are on a bigger budget, try www.Fiverr.com where you can get a logo for $5 or ask a few friends that are graphic designers.
3) WebsiteThis is so easy these days. You can buy a Domain for $10/yr on www.Godaddy.com. Next, build the website using a free or inexpensive company like http://www.squarespace.com/. You can also watch videos on youtube by searching how to create a “WordPress website” and get a WordPress theme from www.themeforest.net/
4) Business Cards
– You can get $10 business cards from www.VistaPrint.com or you can get really high-end cards from www.moo.com.

Raising Money
I know, I know. You’ve always wanted to start a company, but you don’t have the money. Sure, you can reach out to Angel Investors, friends and family, use your credit cards or get a loan.
I started my first company with my own money. I made $1 and I turned it to $2 and I turned that to $4. It was slow and miserable, but I learned a lot of really good lessons along the way. If someone gave me $100k, I would’ve lost everything. Take this 1 step at a time, put a little money into your product/service and make a profit, reinvest that money into marketing/product/employees.

Research and Development? No. Ripoff and Duplicate. Stop reinventing the wheel. Someone much smarter with better resources has already figured out the problems you are trying to solve. Don’t reinvent the wheel. Find something good and make it better. You are only as good as your competition.

Sales, Sales, Sales, Sales.
I get it, you weren’t born to do sales, you don’t like sales, you feel uncomfortable blah blah blah. Just stop complaining and making excuses. Business is sales. Sales are what makes companies grow, business is just the shit behind the sales. If you’re good at sales you can do anything. Become amazing at sales. It is an attainable skill that you can master just like everything else in the world. Read every book on sales that you possibly can. It’s a science and a surprisingly easy science. I promise you that improving your sales skills will help in every aspect of your life.

I’ve shown you how to launch your company for under $100.
This is a weekend project, not an annual project. Start executing now. Stop reading this and get this shit done within 48 hours 🙂 Email me if I can help in any way.