Best Business Podcasts

The Best Business Podcasts

I love listening to podcasts so I made a list of my favorite business podcasts.  I find that many books contain too much “fluff” to make the book longer while podcasts get straight to the point.  Technology is also moving so quickly that most books are outdated before they even hit the shelves for sale.  For example, I would never read a book on digital marketing, I would listen to a daily marketing podcast that contains the newest tactical data.  Below are a few of my favorite business podcasts for entrepreneurs.

1) The Top Podcast

The Top is one of the best podcasts for entrepreneurs by Nathan Latka.  He may be too aggressive for some people but I love his no BS approach to interviewing software entrepreneurs.  I have learned a lot about software companies and the metrics they use for success by listening to this podcast.

The Top Podcast

2) Growth Everywhere Podcast

This is a great entrepreneur podcast by my good friend Eric Siu.  Eric interviews entrepreneurs and digs into the details of how they started, what helped them grow and where their company is today.  If you are interested in starting a business or growing your business, this is a great podcast to listen to.

Growth Everywhere Podcast

3) Mixergy: Startup Stories


Mixergy is a great entrepreneur podcast by Andrew Warner.  Andrew interviews founders on how they started their company and the wins/struggles along the way.  I do find this podcast a bit fluffy, soft and light on actual tactics.  I think this is a great podcast for someone who wants to start a company or is in the early stages of a startup. I think it lacks tactics to help you grow a larger business but still a great podcast and Andrew is a terrific interviewer.  Mixergy Podcast

4) Masters of Scale

Masters of Scale is a great startup podcast by Reid Hoffman who was the co-founder of Pay Pal and the founder of Linked In.  I have a lot of respect for Reid because he has actually built a very successful company while most other podcasters have not.  Reid gives extremely tactical advice and stories of how other unicorns have scaled their companies.  This is a terrific podcast for any entrepreneur at any size of business.  Masters of Scale Podcast

5) The Tim Ferris Show

I love anything by Tim Ferris, I’ve read all his books and have a lot of respect for the way he thinks.  Tim Ferris is the best selling author of multiple books and serial entrepreneur and angel investor.  He has a no BS down to earth approach to life and business which I can appreciate.  The Tim Ferris Show Podcast is Tim interviewing extremely high performing people to understand what makes them successful.  I find this much more to be a performance podcast than a business podcast but I love that because it applies to business life.  I just wish these podcasts were shorter as most are 90 minutes+.  I highly recommend this podcast.

The Tim Ferris Show Podcast

6) Planet Money

Planet Money is probably my favorite podcast.  This is an NPR podcast on economics so each episode dives into a really interesting economic story or problem.  They are unbiased and quite entertaining and the show really makes you think about economics and how it applies to the world and business.  This podcast is very easy to listen to and always a new, fun topic so you do not get bored if you are A.D.D. like me.  Planet Money Podcast

7) Marketing School

Marketing School is a great marketing podcast by my friends Neil Patel and Eric Siu.  They are 2 of the best digital marketers I know and the podcast offers great daily tactical marketing advice in under 10 minutes.  Straight to the point, no fluff and easy to listen to with a few solid takeaways on each episode.  I listen to this podcast every morning.  Marketing School Podcast

8) Cardone Zone

Grant Cardone is one of my favorite people for his no BS and no fluff approach to life, business and investing.  Grant Cardone is a serial entrepreneur, author, and very successful investor.  While I think this is a great podcast, I think he focuses a lot on high-level items like “you should buy real estate” instead of getting into the trenches and giving exact details on how to buy great investment properties.  I love his hype and energy, gets me fired up when I listen to him.  He does waste a lot of time chanting about irrelevant things instead of jumping right in so I sometimes forward through the first 10-15 mins.  Cardone Zone Podcast

9) The Joe Rogan Experience

While Joe Rogan isn’t really a business guy, I think this is a great life podcast and extremely interesting.  Joe Rogan is just a great guy and interviews really cool guests.

The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast


10) Super Soul Conversations

Okay, here is a curveball for you.  I bet you didn’t think that a podcast by Oprah Winfrey would be on my top 10 but this is a terrific podcast.  For one, Oprah is the most successful person on this list by far.  I love her approach to life, relationships, and mindset which all factor into your business at the end of the day.  I usually listen to this podcast as I go to sleep, it’s very relaxing and makes you think.

Super Soul Conversations Podcast

If you have a podcast that I am missing, let me know I would love to check it out!