1. Join High-Level Networking Groups  
I know, this sounds basic but sometimes its hard to push yourself.  Join the highest, most exclusive networking groups that you can possibly join.  Pay a lot to join them.  Join the Board of Directors right away.  Donate your product/service and get a shout out at the next event.  Take the highly influential members to lunch.  Don’t be afraid to be the dumbest person in the room, it won’t last long if you are surrounded by smart people.  Don’t expect an immediate transactional ROI.  Go to learn, learning is exponential and will pay off more in the long run than getting a “deal”.


2. Give, Give, Give.
I love to help other people improve their company, improve their life, give them an introduction or a good book to read.  I very, very rarely ask for anything in return.  A lot of people I meet are very aggressive to sell you their product/service.  You should think long term about building a relationship and adding value to their life.  This will be paid back 1000x.


3. Initiate Texting 
I am taking credit for this one, as I’ve never heard anyone else use it 😉
I turn every relationship into a texting relationship.  If we meet over an email introduction and a time is confirmed to meet, I say, “What is your cell phone number, I’ll shoot you a text to confirm I am on time”.  Upon receiving their number, I immediately text them mine so they can save it in their phone.  I text them on the way to the meeting then during the meeting I bring up a topic and say “Oh, I’ll text you that later”.  It now amazes me the amount of customers, successful entrepreneurs, publicly traded CEOs, and politicians I now text with on a regular basis.


4. Be Vulnerable 
This is my favorite.  Smart people see right through your bullshit. Lose the ego.  Stop talking about how great everything is and start telling people about your struggles and how you are aggressively trying to fix them.  This is not complaining or negative but just opening up a bit to the hard parts of your life.  People want to root for the underdog.  Everyone can relate to being in a tough spot.  I always tell people about my rough childhood and how I overcame it, my business problems, my relationship and family issues.  Not only will they think highly of you, they will offer you great advice.


5. Stop talking about yourself
We get it. You are really important, really cool, your company is crushing, your kids are amazing and your last vacation was better than mine.  Stop talking, start listening.  Your conversations should be directed towards the other persons interests.  You should be digging and digging and learning as much about them as you possibly can.  You should position questions to get them to open up more.  People love to talk about themselves and they will subconsciously like you better if you get them to open up.