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5 Best Networking Organizations Entrepreneurs

When I was 23 a good friend told me to join the networking group called the Entrepreneur Organization but I was extremely hesitant because it was so expensive at about $5000 per year.  I finally decided to pull the trigger and it was the best thing I have ever done.  The San Diego Chapter of the Entrepreneurs Organization had about 60 members at the time and it became the best learning experience of my life.  I met a lot of great friends many who later became business partners and it changed the direction of my business and life.


Almost all successful people say that the best thing you can invest in is yourself and I think that is the best advice I have ever taken.  People I’ve met in networking groups have given me countless advice that has changed the entire direction of my life and made me a lot of money.  I look at networking and knowledge as exponential, the more I can learn and the faster I can apply it then the more it will change the trajectory of my life.


All of that being said, my theory is to join networking groups for 2-3 years then find a new group that will push you to new limits.  I make all my progress when I feel uncomfortable and I am the dumbest person in the room.  To give you an idea, I currently budget about $36,000 per year to networking groups.  A good organization is about helping each other grow, not about soliciting each other for business.  In my experience, the more you pay in fees, the higher the caliber of people.  Here are a few of my favorite groups I am either currently in or have joined in the past.

YEC1) Young Entrepreneurs Council

YEC is a great group of tech-focused entrepreneurs.  They claim that it is “invite only” and you have to do over $1million in revenue to join but I do not find either of those to be true as there are a lot of tiny “wantrepreneurs”, I wish they did a better job of monitoring this.  Still, a great group, if you are looking for a tech, focused group.  They do several meet-ups in major cities per year but it is mainly just a $1500/yr Facebook group.  One great thing about this group is their ability to get you in the news.  YEC has gotten me articles in almost every major publication.


Members: 2500 Globally

Cost: $1500 per year


Gen Next 2) Gen Next

Gen Next is mainly a politically focused organization but most members are successful entrepreneurs and political leaders.  Gen Next is a bipartisan group that focuses on 3 issues; economics, national security, and education.  I learned a lot about politics and macroeconomics from this group while networking with a lot of very successful people.  I’ve met really cool politicians and world leaders from this group including Presidents of countries and several American leaders who report directly to the President.


Members: 250 in North America

$12,500 per year


Entrepreneurs' Organization 3) Entrepreneurs Organization

Entrepreneurs Organization or EO is the biggest entrepreneur group in the world.  This is the most structured networking group I have ever been in.  Every major city in the world has a chapter with an average of about 80 members.  You have to be the founder of a company that does at least $1 million in annual revenue and you need to show your tax returns to prove it.  Every month you meet with the entire chapter for a learning event with a great speaker or a fun “once in a lifetime event”.  You also have a “forum” which is basically your own peer group that you meet with monthly and dive very deep into each other’s personal lives and businesses.  EO does global events several times per year.  This is a terrific organization and is also a non-profit so all the money goes back to the members.  The friends I’ve made in the group and the events I’ve experienced have had a massive impact on my life.


Members: 12,000+ Globally

Cost: $7,500 per year


War Room Mastermind

4) War Room Mastermind

War Room is, in my opinion, the best digital marketing mastermind on the planet.  If you have an internet based business, they offer extremely tactical peer to peer digital marketing advice.  They meet around America for a weekend mastermind meeting 4-6 times per year including Traffic & Conversion Summit.  This is one of those groups where you can get tremendous takeaways to use the second you get back to work.


Members: 200 Globally

Cost: $25,000 per year


Association for Corporate Growth5) Association for Corporate Growth

If you are growing your company, you will eventually need capital to grow or a way to exit.  ACG is a great group of investment bankers, VC’s, private equity firms, lawyers, accountants, and other equity sources.  ACG has chapters in every major city and hosts paid events every month or 2.  They also have a large annual event called Intergrowth.


Members: 12,000 Globally

Cost: $750 per year


If you love an organization that I am missing, please let me know and I will check it out!